c. 2011

T is for TROUBLED a short film entry for THE ABC's OF DEATH 

Written Directed Edited & Produced by DICKIE FLICKS

Starring MIKE DIPPERY VFX by DICKIE FLICKS CINEMATOGRAPHY by JOHN COURT & DICKIE FLICKS make up by CLINTON WILTSE LOCATION MANAGER Holly Bernard STUNT DRIVING by Dickie Flicks CREW Clinton Wiltse Joshua Williams John Court Curtis Mathis Ned Thomas Sound Design Dickie Flicks DARK MUSIC TRACK performed and written by HARRY BROOK executive producers MARIA AND DICKIE FLICKS

Day 12,272

c. 2008

How tedious and wrapped up can one's life become? Join Alex on just another one of his regular days - number 12,272.

Creating and Strengthening Family-School Partnerships

c. 2007

In partnership with Parents Plus and No Child Left Behind, Creating and Strengthening Family-School Partnerships was developed to provide the community with a starting point for family-school communication.


c. 2008

The film tells a story of two friends and their miscommunication which leads to an unfortunate and ultimate fate.


c. 2007

Short film created for the MIFF 24 Hour Film Competition. The film explores the journey of a woman as she leaves India for the USA and her own self-alienation.

A Rainy Day

c. 2005

Seth finds himself with another determined to enjoy his day regardless of the inclement weather.

Inside Out

c. 2005

Short film created for the LIFF 48 Hour Film Contest. The film explores the consciousness of a suicidal man forced to address his life and, ultimately, face judgement.