Mercer Island Residence

by Jeremy Miller Architects

Mercer Island (Greater Seattle)

c. 2011 - 2013

Project Description

Major renovations to an existing single-family residence. The north-facing property slopes to the Lake Washington shore. Major considerations were: improvements to the existing architecture, accommodations suiting the new owner, and providing ample daylight. What started as an interior remodel with the inclusion of a raised, new roof; ended with essentially all new construction excluding the floor plates and retaining walls.


Substantial professional development occurred through direct relationships with the owner, contractor, structural engineer, and City of Mercer Island. The latter included coordinating permit submittals, environmental and energy analysis, navigating existing utility easements, as well as developing appropriate deviation and variance strategies unique to the property.


Developed construction documentation, development submittals, and code implementation; coordinating with all parties. Collaborated directly with the owner, architect, engineer, and contractor on design intent and construction execution. Consulted on code applicability, feasibility of development standards, and strategies for deviations and municipal interpretations.

JMA Stein Residence_20111212-2.png
JMA Stein Residence_20111212-12.png